Saturday, November 22, 2008


jessalyn packed her clothes & ran away from home. she's gonna stay with miss hot temper lady,tay siew ting till wed/thur. which is near my house! it's just 2 bus stops away. in this way, jessalyn got no excuses to say she don't want to go school already. moreover, there's siewting with her. hahaha

Chalet was great in a way. wanted to head to the beach but gorilla & i can't find the way out to the beach. felt bad towards gorilla. did not expect him to come all the way from CCK to downtown east. dumb boy. if i know, i die die won't let him come over. wanted to train home but train session ended. took bus 21 with gorilla instead. stop at a random bus stop to see if there's any last bus back home to gorilla's house. but the last bus for him ended long time ago. then i found out that the bus we took was our last bus too! pardon me for being so blur.

our last resort, took a cab and i hitch a ride from gorilla. really felt bad. bet the cab fare must be a nightlight robbery. reached home. waited for asshole till 3pm so that he could get into my house. he was drunk but at least he still know his way to my house. and not staying out with those guys. both of us slept all the way till noon. he's my human heater! while he was drunk, he said a lot of stuff that made me feel so loved. maybe i should make him get drunk more. hahahah. evil me.

sister told me that mum did not know that asshole was coming my house until she saw him sleeping beside me. lucky she didn't scold me or asshole. actually, i told my papa & he agree. at least my papa know about it. seems that my parents like asshole a lot so unlike asshole's parents. blah, whatever. im not dating his parents anyway. asshole chit chatted with my mum, talk about his childhood stories. he left at around 2pm for some water activities with his friends. as for me, i went to meet jessalyn & siewting for the interview. write some forms & we are done.

siewting left first. gf & i went to the fortune teller for fun. some of the words are kinda true. that's cool. after that, each of us spend $50 on something which makes us feel like we are seriously dumb. every time whenever im with gf, i will spend money for sure. that's damn shitty. but now got siewting & gorilla, it would be kinda hard for us to spend already i guess. lol. hope so.

went to mos burger. bused back to gf's house to pack her clothes. then took bus 25 home while gf went off to siewting's house. good news for tomorrow is i dont have to work, i got to eat good food cause it's my grandmother birthday. the bad news is no work = no money. :( i need $$. hopefully i can get that job! $280 in 4days. okaaaaay, im done with blogging. lengthy post. shall wait for gorilla reach home & tell him what happen today. i think he's going to nag at me! pictures next time!

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