Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'M SICK. 2days of MC with cough syrup, 4packets of small + big pills for me & it cost me a whopping $30! why am i always seems sick at the wrong time?! there's chalet tomorrow! i dont wanna miss it. my voice sucks now. i miss my voice. :( no BBQ food for me. AH MAMA! i wanna eat one you know! just to to think of the scene that everyone is eating happily with all those BBQ food while i can only see them eat. that's very very sad.

that dumb gorilla lost his wallet. & he's unwilling to make a police report. he seems to be very confident that his gucci wallet would return to his side. as if his wallet know how to talk/walk & know that his owner call teoyuyuan.
okay. that boy just msged me saying that his wallet is back to his side. *roll eyes*

i miss cheeky boy.

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