Friday, November 28, 2008

I went Singapore Polo Club to work today! together with gorilla & a guy which i forgotten what's his name. shall call him the Malaysian guy? lol. me gorilla at AMK mrt station. he's late, made me wait again. he look different today, or should i say good looking? he look way nicer after his hair cut. hah. went up to food court to eat, that gorilla kept on teasing me saying bad stuff about me. i keep on telling him that i wont be talking to him. but ended up, i still talk to him. geez. actually he sort of force me/whine to me to make me talk.

met that malaysian guy. walked to the bus stop. miss the bus to polo club. found out that from far east to polo club is much more nearer than amk to polo club. waited for 25mins for that bus! gorilla was complaining. got pissed with him again and then he use all kinds of way to make me laugh, talk. we were late for work, very late. changed & started working. work was easy today. get to know more people. workers there said they miss me! awwwww~ that's sweet. hah

there's girl called helen, she's scary. seems like she likes me? omg. im straight, not interested in her. get to know a guy called hadi, he look super familiar. all we have to do was prepare those stuff to an event tomorrow morning. i just walk there walk here, carry light stuff, fool around, talk. that's all. those guys help me carry those heavy stuff. hahahaha. all i had to do was call for help! and they will help me. hah. im evil. i dont have the strength to carry anyway.

ended work at 9.30. worked for only 3 and half hours. that's little, real little. might as well, dont work. geez. heading out tomorrow! i shall go sleeeeep now! byeeee! :D

jessalyn tan, tay siewting, meet me up soon. im shaken,confused. :(
call me text me when you girls see this.

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