Wednesday, October 22, 2008

love is blind, therefore so am i.

in about 16hours time, i'll in plane flying overseas with family, cousins, aunties, uncles for holidays. majority of my mum's side is going. im not really looking forward to it. imagine 5days without that asshole of mine. no kiss kiss, no bao bao, no self declare kisses, no smacking his ass, no whining to him, no teasing him, no scolding each other vulgar, no him calling me apple head, no him patting my head, no him trying to piss me off, no slacking under the void deck with him, no complaints from him, no me saying him ma fan gui, no massage for him, no him calling me crybaby, no him speaking chinese, no him laughing at me, & many many more.

see la, how am i suppose not to miss him. how i wish i can throw him inside my bag & bring him with me. my girlfriend will miss me for sure! hahahaha. going school without me, no gossips without me, shopping without me, bored without me, without me screaming at her etc etc. i think she won't be going school for the next few days until i come back. lol. im going there to shop shop shop till i drop! wahahahaaha! going to gf's house later on to leave my happy there for 5days. im sure she's gonna miss me too. geez.

enough enough joey, you're just going for 5days. OH BTW, im going back to work after i come back so that i can earn more $$ to spend more $$. hah. don't tell me that im spending too much or whatever shit. at least im spending my OWN money unlike people who only knows how to spend their parent's money. tsk tsk. &&& i gotten my specs yesterday which means no more contact lens from day to night! happy happy, joey is a happy girl. she would be more happy if shopping is great, asshole love her more, more $$ & many more!

pardon me for being sucha cam whore.

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