Sunday, October 05, 2008

im still sick. geez. worse than yesterday?

shall not blog about what happened today. instead let me blog about what's gonna happen this week just in case i forgot. next monday starting school already! thats real fast. & i don't like it!

monday- resting at home. due to my illness + i don't want asshole to nag at me.
tuesday- amk hub, to get my specs package done. dad sponsoring me part of it! might be meeting asshole.
wed- on a date with my dearest brother,YQ! meeting him at his house then head to his dad's shop for good food i guess. yummy~
Thursday- 2nd month anniversary. hopefully asshole would be free on that day. giving him something that is solely made by me, joey ong liying. one & only one in the whole world.
friday- heading down to tamp to get the card from aunty? or meet asshole & stay over at his friend's house? or fetch grandpa from hospital? or rest at home? not sure yet.
saturday- date with asshole to bird park. free tickets. gotta wake up real early. gosh.
Sunday- celebrating shilah's birthday.

oh god, this week is so packed. -.- really gotta rest at home tomorrow or else how to tahan for the next 6 days?!

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