Thursday, October 16, 2008

i'm so not looking forward to my birthday in 21days time.
i dont know why im having bad feeling about it.
screw it man.

going overseas next week.
have fun? yes no?
i don't wanna miss asshole.
i doubt he will miss me.
i bet he will have tons of fun without me bothering him.
I'm feeling so insecure/inferior very now and then.
no doubt that he's treating me better than before,
being more sweeter, cheeky etc etc. i should be feeling happy/loved
but but but
i dont know why im feeling like this. damn it.
can someone help me solve this stupid feeling of mine.

he's having competition on Saturday.
gf, sister & i are going down to watch them race i think.
but i haven got to know where's the location & time.
shall ask him tomorrow.
maybe get madhu to go down too, then he can tell me stories.

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