Sunday, October 19, 2008


seems like everything is okay again. PMS for the past few days. rant/complain/sulk/moodless for the past few days. right now im alright again! back to my normal hyper self again. hah.

woke up early early. much more earlier than my normal timing. went to met asshole at his house. waited for him to prepare & left the house around 3pm. took cab to raffles city, cause asshole was way too lazy to take train down. that troublesome boy of mine. on the way there, we changed the destination twice. fickle minded us. ate din tai feng. yummy xiaolong baos. went to J.CO for some donuts cause both of us haven eat that for sucha long time. Ryan & Eka asked if i want to come back for work. & they treated me donuts. after eating, walk to marina square & we decided to eat again. headed to bao jin tian. ate xiaolongbaos again. asshole kept whining, complaining. the way he whine & complain is just like me. oh god.

after eating, walked towards suntec city. on the way there, saw may working in gripz! miss her lots! chatted for quite a long time. said bad stuff about asshole without knowing he's behind me. i thought he's in the toilet. lol. gonna meet her up again for some gossips! miss you miss you miss you maytida! took bus 196 all the way back to bedok interchange. long ride. asshole slept thru out. his heavy head on my narrow shoulder. took bus 60 while asshole went to meet his friend.

right now! im entertaining madhu. he quarrel with ex i think. he's drinking, getting super high. doing stupidddddd stuff again. i just can't stop laughing when i see his face. hahahaah
2 embarrassing pictures of him. my bad. im evil. hah. and some of mine too! :D

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