Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one short post will do. dinner at yiqin's dad's shop with yiqin, jay & weiwen. dinner was great + it's free. talk crap, joke/fool around. food were delicious. went walking around geylang after that due to weiwen's suggestion. sort of got molested by one uncle. yiqin said im was blur enough to let the uncle banged onto me. hooked on to yiqin's arm all the way till we reach the main road. those transsexual are damn scary, one of them even try to ask weiwen for it. lol. took cab home after those sight seeing. lol.

tomorrow paya lebar air base! gotta wake up early but it's okay cause there's high chances of seeing handsome guys from air force. heh. looking forward to it. gah gah gah~ okay, waiting for asshole to reach home & im going to tell him my encounter for today! hahahaha.

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