Monday, July 07, 2008

First day of school. kinda boring. it really makes me feel like im in a class of people i don't know. lol. started school at 1pm and ended at 5.30pm. jessalyn and i went to Tampines mall after that. wanted to go to bugis but change our mind later on. ate pastamania for dinner. went shopping around TM and CS. bought shoe laces while jess bought a white hp landyard. walked around. then home is our last stop for today.

im gonna get some stuff again.
1. white pumps & black flats (needs)
2. wallet ( wants)
3. school books (needs)

that's all for now i guess. i really really really gotta shop less. but i have no idea why i can't. -.- for tomorrow's school, a new teacher call jiahwee is teaching us. die die cannot late, just in case she's the kind of bad teacher. lol. we shall see tomorrow. haha.

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