Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I went to an interview today! & i have gotten myself a part time job in john little. which is cashier cum packer. heh. so i won't be free from 24june to 6july.

woke up at 10plus am which was freaking early. met amos at cityhall MRT station. saw zac at the control station there when the both of us was about to go to marina square for my interview. things on earth really can be so qiao uh. asked zac where is he heading to. he should be going out with his friends but they overslept. so zac accompanied us to marina square. had my interview with a lady who was very friendly. she had my job confirm on the spot and i have to go there again on friday.

after interview, went to yoshinoya to have our brunch. it's was amos's first time eating yoshi. that's very weird. i thought that most students will eat yoshinoya. went jalan jalan around marina sqaure. the 2 guys forbid me to go in to the shops. how sad. the moment i walk a bit faster, one of them will come and pull my bag and drags me away from the shop i wanted to go in. went to play arcade, played a game that i haven been playing for a long time! Amos said it's fun. hahahas. it's was his first time playing the game too. lol. he has done a lot of first time today.

went to suntec just to buy Ben&jerry's ice cream. zac bought a tub & 3 of us shared. the feeling of eating ben&jerry's ice cream is heavenly! & it's also amos's first time eating B&J's ice cream. found that the chuck of chocolate in fossil fuel is a shape of a dinosaur! went to find jessalyn at J.CO. talked to the 2 ryans and ricky regarding the issue of me transferring back to cityhall J.CO. i can't stand staying at bugis J.CO! it's sucks.

then 3 of us went to sat on the sofa somewhere near breadtalk. chit chatted for quite long & off we go to peni. cause zac wanna try the guitars there. i bought a mickey mouse guitar pick! it's cute! zac tried on a electric guitar which cost 2k. he was tempted to buy that 2k guitar. lol. his face was like "i want to buy that guitar!" hahahahs. went to funan IT mall for dinner. something funny happened. Amos went to fetch jessalyn cause she have no idea where is funan IT mall.

drag zac into the shop which have the uber super big mario. then lend zac money to buy a razer headphone, the headphone cost $115! bloody expensive can. met amos & jess and all of us went home expect for amos. he went to watch kungfu panda. hahaahahs. i had to reach home before 8pm cause my mum blackmails me. she's seems crazy today. lol. that's for the day. (:

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