Wednesday, May 28, 2008

anyone anyone anyone have part time job? tell me please! $6 per hour is prefered. (:

here's how my day today. woke up at 9plus am. prepared everything. waited for jessalyn to message me that she's arriving bedok inter. but waited & waited. no message was being send to my phone. surf the net while waiting for her msg. right until nearly 11am. i called her and his brother said that she just went out of her house. after a while, she called me telling me that she left her wallet at home & found out only when she board the bus. how dumb can she be. sigh.

asked her help me buy some herbal tea which does not taste weird. so she bought some weird taste tea. the taste nearly made me faint. took bus to school. it's was already break time when both of us arrive at school. ate chicken rice even though my throat is not feeling well. james suggested having class tee! i like the idea of it. but on one condition, i don't want the class tee to be the typical class tee that everyone see outside.

amos, james, edwin and i went to the place that we found our mango. managed to pluck one mango. went back to class after that. did some touch up for the project. fool around in class. selina tried to molest me. she's the scariest woman i have seen in my life. i never been so scared of a women in my life before. lol. left school with amos & jessalyn around 3pm to meet kuanseng at bedok MRT. it's raining cats and dogs. luckily, the uncle amos brought umbrella. he sent me to the bus stop first and fetch jessalyn. he and his crumpler bag got drenched by the rain.

next time bring bigger umbrella lah amos! saw kuanseng and his friend,jason on our way to bedok MRT. he grew taller a bit and gotten himself quite fit uh, more piercings. but still, he's handsame. hahas. crapped on the train. went to J.CO to have kuanseng's interview for the job. waited for quite long to let carmen interview kuanseng. i made kuanseng act guai so that carmen would hire him. during the waiting period, jason sort of got bullied by jessalyn. now, he's soooo scared of jessalyn. hahas.

kuanseng got hired and he's starting work on friday with me! he's doing as a packer like me. went to food court to eat. that's when kuanseng and jason went off. went walking around bugis junction. saw a book that i like! it's called "Make every man want you" seems nice to read. and i spent 67bucks just purely on toner,scrub and facial foam. jessalyn bought too. now she owes me money! hahaha.

Amos waited for the both of us for quite a long time. went straight home after buying those stuff. bid goodbye to jessalyn. then the both of us took train home. hopefully for tomorrow, maggi's lesson would be entertaining enough. wondering what are we going play during PE tomorrow. this is the first time i'm having an interest in PE! lol.

Having work on friday & saturday! come find me alrights!

photos! (:

i did not know that my hair is so long until i see this backview of me. hehs

Do i look like a small little kid? & jessalyn look like my big sister? lol.


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