Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TODAY IS TUESDAY! met ZL and jess at the usual place. i was not the last. for the past few days, i'm not the last who reach. haha. as usual, we were late for mark lee's lesson. surf the net, talked to people, disturb people till lesson ends. i made jason angry with me again due to something. seems like i'm the only one who kept making jason angry. sorry jason =(

after mark lee's lesson, altson, jesslyn, ZL, yewkai and me went to interchange for lunch. alston bought a uber big cup of grass jelly that only cost $1. worth it lah. NTUC was next, walked around. browse magazines. took bus 222 from inter just to kill time. maggi's lesson was kinda fun today. build towers. jesslyn is a self entertainer. haha. did personality test. i'm a high I person. shall post what is high I means. =D took cab home. wanted to meet baby but timing was wrong. i miss my baby lots lah. i know he does not miss me cause he had davin and ah tard with me. bad baby. got to know a guy called bryan. he's damn freaking tall man! yet he still say it's average. his words make me feel like im dwarf.

oh well, here's the characteristic of a high I person.

-Optimistic .-Entertaining .-Impulsive
-Outgoing .-Persuasive .-Emotional
-Sociable .-Stimulating .-Animated
-Energizing .-Trusting .-Easily excited
-Humorous .-Talkative .-Reactive
-Great Encourager .-Peace maker .-Motivates others

-Fear Rejection
-More concerned about popularity then results

im feeling tired. sleeping soon. and im not going to school tomorrow! byebye!

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