Thursday, February 21, 2008

School was more fun than any other day although i only went to school for 1hour & 45mins. firstly, met jess at bedok interchange. saw junhao while waiting to ZL. jess suggested that we eat while waiting for ZL. after buying food, called ZL. and that was the point when ZL said he not coming to school. jess and i was kinda pissed off cause ZL did not say he is coming to school earlier on.

took bus 222 to school after that. was late for Pamela's class. she was teaching us about philosophy thingy. when she ask us to think our own phliosophy, i started to ask her about her valentine's day. seems like her boyfriend is quite rich. he bought her to the flyer etc etc. after that, pamela lao shi kept talking and talking non stop. yet she said that we are the ones who kept asking her questions. the class is full of laughter with pamela lao shi around. so unlike maggi's class. i love going to miss pamela laoshi class. heh. and pamela lao shi is much more prettier than maggi too. lol. students tend to like pretty/handsame teacher more right. haha. after class end, laoshi showed me how her boyfriend look like, average looking to me. =x

skip PE lesson but asked jess to help take attendance. haha. trained to tanah merah to wait for ah tard and baby. then trained to pasir ris to meet the guy which ah tard is selling his guitar to. that guy look super tan, too bad it's not my type. went to food court for lunch. then went to peni to buy the guitar that ah tard wants. But but but ah tard is just too unlucky. that guitar he wants was sold out after he went out of the shop in the afternoon. he was darn sad about it. before he reaches the shop, he was smiling and smiling. he even said that after he buy the guitar, he gonna chiong home and play. after he knew that the guitar was sold, he felt uber emo. his face look like he's gonna cry anytime. any girls out there who is bored or wants to cheer ah tard up. you can add him at =D

bid goodbye to ah tard at enous MRT and bused home with my baby. baby cooked some food. mama bought tons of sushi home. eat finish everything due to my might little baby. gave mama the blog link that sells super cheap clothes from oversea. i think she's going to buy most of the clothes she wants. so the clothes i want, she may be paying it too. wahahaha. i can save some money and get new clothes too. heh. baby went home at around 10pm. and here i am bloging. =D

tomorrow having extra class from mr lim tock seng, that bad breath teacher. wanted to meet my girlfriends but because of this extra class. everything clash! dumb sengseng. roaaaaaaaars! okay finally a lengthly post. off chatting. byebye!

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