Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i kinda miss those days in east view.. those crappy stuff we did, those gossiping we said, those laughter we laughed together, those shopping times we shopped, those bad quarrels, those stupid photos we took, those movies we watched, those copying testes, those slacking time after at the coffee shop opposite my school, those sleeping period, those scoldings to teacher & from teachers, those copying of homework, those happiness etc.

gotten myself 3 best friends in 4years. it's only 3 but it's more than enough for me. cause i have more guys friends than girls.

my siowmin, the person whom i always talked to whenever problems occur, whenever i cry, whenever i need someone to shop with, whenever there's gossips she will be beside me talking a lot. she understands me a lot a lot. there's even time that i just smile and she will know what am i gonna do. her taste of clothes are almost the same as me. thus i enjoy going shopping with her. i have tons of her secrets so do she have mine. and i never quarrel with her before. that's wow! haha i really miss those times where we gossips like crazy.

my meifang, the person who never fail to make stupid actions that make me laugh like mad. her fights with theresa were the most entertaining shows i ever seen in class. oh and she never fail to make me laugh when i cry or sad. i still remember how i call her every single morning to tell her that i reached her house downstairs and we walked to school together everyday last year. i bets she misses my calls every morning. although she said ridiculous stuff but sometimes it make sense.

my theresa, the person who gives me tons of advice and nags. she's the most naggy person among the four of us. she's always do stuff that make meifang darn pissed off. but this is where i and siowmin could see the both of them "fight". meifang win most of the time. i still remember the times that just the both of us went to for sushi due to our sushi cravings. she love shopping alone and i have no idea why. but of cause having me shopping with her it's still a better choice. haha. she gave me advices when i quarrel with my boyfriend. even though i don't really listens to her advices but i KNOW what she said to me is wei le wo hao. heh.

SO GIRLS! I MISS YOU THREE LAAAAAAH! next friday, we go out together again okay? go shop, eat, watch movie, gossips anything. lol. to confirm call or sms me. bleah.

and i will miss miss miss my cute little smelly baby when he's in malaysia. =( but baby remember to bring back some bubble gums ookay? heh. next monday, we go out for breakfast okay? bleah. i will misssssss you tons tons tons tons. T.T how i wish i can go malaysia too. even though i even wish that you could stay in SG. =x remember to buy the pre-paid card so you can call me and listen to my voice.

okay. nothing much already. i loveeeeee my baby! byebye!

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