Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BOOBOOOOO! i had a happy today expect that part. now let me tell you my day. had some practical test which starts at 10.30am. yesterday told yewkai and junhao to meet me at bedok interchange at 10am. but i was late due to the bus, slow walking, etc. so three of us was late for the test. the practical is not as stress nor hard as i thought. still able to talk to people, walk around, ask teacher how to do the questions. teacher gave us some answers. maybe it's because he don't want us to fail or don't want to see us for the next half year? lol. had the test in 45mins rather than 1 hour & 30mins. hopefully i don't fail.

meet zaki,shila, amos and jess at the canteen after the practical test. tried to call baby a lot of times and no one picks up the phone. so i waited for baby to call me back. all of us slacked in canteen. talked a lot of rubbish. zaki said something that offended jess and shila. only word i could say about zaki which is dumb. after baby called me, went to take bus 222. and MRTed to simei. baby hop the MRT. and trained to tampines for our movie and lunch. bought our tickets. movie: JUNO

went to CS foodcourt for lunch. ordered korean BBQ chicken for the both of us. that china lady forgotten to ask me pay the bill and i also forgotten to pay the lady too. after baby and i reached the table then i remember that i forgot to pay. so we gotten our a free meal. our bad i know. lol. roamed around TM and CS. even went to POSB bank to make my ATM card. finally after 16+ years of living, i have a ATM card. heh. around 4.45pm, went up to GV. cinema was not ready yet but i had stomachache so the GV lady let us in for the toilet. i went to the guy's toilet with baby to shit cause there's no body in girl's toilet. i was scared that there's ghosts luh. managed to shit quite fast. haha.

watched JUNO. average movie. wonder why it's NC-16. nothing much at all. and i fall down in the cinema due to the step. it's still embarrassing although not much people saw how i fell. baby said the way i fell look like small little kid felling down. bused back to my home after the not very nice movie. baby cooked for me and he went home.

any one have any recommendations of where to buy a cute plated skirt?!
pleaseeeee tell me! thanks! =D

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