Sunday, January 13, 2008


zihao & elias should have send me home together with their bikes instead of having me taking bus alone. both of them sent me to safra bus stop. took bus 65. a guy that sat behind me suddenly sit beside me and said 'ni hao, wo jiao junxiang. wo ke yi yao ni de number mah?' nearly shock me to death maaaaan. i thought he was going to leave the bus. -.- he gave me his phone and i type some numbers in. not sure if it's my number. after that he said he will msg me & went back to his sit. it's all baby's fault, never send me home. see la, now got guy ask me number. xia si wo. that guy look old, maybe older than me by 2-3 years? =X

&&&&& I DID NOT KILL DAVIN'S LAOHU! which i thought i did. i was so scared that davin is angry with me for killing his cute little white tiger. =( im really really really very gullible. i believed that timothy stead with sabrina before. also believed something that elias said which is so not true. gaaaaah! i'm officially going to school on monday at bedok ITE. but not wearing uniform as the uniform was out of stock. thus wearing home clothes. heh heh. hopefully my class will have nice people for me to hang along with. =D


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