Wednesday, January 16, 2008

& last long with your boy too. =)

someone like jessalyn. but he's sad due to something. can't blame him since it's his first time right? lol. jessalyn~ give you & him more time to know each other well. we still have 2 years to go. you won't want a friendship gone like that right. =)

met my cute little baby today. loving him more more although due to the timetable i can't meet him somedays. but nevermind, he knows that i love him can already. & don't think that if i treating a guy super duper good or fooling around with them or joke around with guys etc means i like him or im flirting. i treat MOST guys like that. i tends get along with guys more than girls, that's my character. so don't misunderstand me okay. =D & of cause i treat my baby the best & <3 him everything i have!

school starting at 2pm. finally there's a weekday that i can sleeeeeep dao real shiok! still deciding of whether want to ask eugene out for lunch tomorrow. there's PE tomorrow but im wearing home clothes. wahahahaha~ hope that tomorrow school will end early. =D byebye

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