Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HELLO! im back blogging again. haha. sort of went on huge shopping spree again. spent 50plus bucks today. i can't believe i can spend sooo much in TM & CS, what if i went to other shopping mall?! i would be spending even more! oh my tian ah~ out with siowmin & theresa to Tampines mall. bought my baby's birthday present which he had longed to have for quite a long time. saw taufiq working in toyarus. went to find zihao at popular, gave him sweets. see i'm such a nice girl. =)

saw yiqin, jay & shenyang at CS. yiqin look more handsome than last time although his clothes are still the same~ all of us including meifang whom is going to be back from china tonight bought friendship ring. after that, walked around CS, saw one pair of heels which i like it a lot. and bought it. that heels look nice on me although i don't really know what kind of clothes i'm going to wear with the heels.

after all those spending of money, took bus with my siowmin back to her house cause she have forgotten to bring the stuff that she gonna lend me. i kept grumbing and grumbing non stop. had siowmin accompany me to wait for the bus. the bags of stuff are soooo heavy! my sister knew i went for some shopping spree when she saw those bags. papa brought back donuts from donut factory & theresa gave me 2 donuts too. i love sweeeeeeeeets things!

off eating my donuts! byeee

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