Saturday, November 17, 2007

THURSDAY 15 November 2007

-went to zoo with my cute baby. free passes to zoo. ^^
-had more than 1hour mrt trip to the zoo. butt aching.
-saw lots of animals, love white tiger & kangaroo the most.
-the baboon's butt is really red! freaking red!
-walked every single part of zoo.
-went back to tampines around 4plus.
-met engteck & went to lok house.
-people start coming to lok's house.
-saw daryl's hair. it's so wow~ he is the ah beng for the day. =x
-super fucked up with wei how for spraying whip cream on my hair.
-went to lok's house to wash my hair instead i took a long bath.
-sang birthday song to lok. cake was being put on almost everybody's face.
-cleared everything. some went home, some ton at lok house.
the-zihao lobang me on his bike on the way from lok's house back to his house with elias.
-zihao is very very very good biker. at least i din scream while eugene & baby lobang me.


FRIDAY 16 november 2007

-went to bugis to pass my bag to theresa for her prom night.
-walked around bugis street.
-bought a top.
-mrted to donovan's house
-watched naruto.
-stayed up till 2am & i got knocked out.
-after for duno how long, the snores in the room woke me up.
-baby and duck's snores are really LOUD & NOISY!
-everyone woke up and start to watch naruto again.
-duck says that naruto not nice but he kept asking us to continue the show.
-went to eat long john sliver for lunch.
-baby sent me home, slept till my mother woke me up just to go out & eat dinner.
-had a very full dinner.


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