Friday, November 02, 2007

outing to bugis with siowmin today. waited for her for 40mins alone. she had her reaon so i don't blame her. haha & I'M GOING BROOOOOOKE SOON! spend nearly 100bucks within an hour. bought a top, 2 bottoms and a t-shirt for my baby. siowmin brought only $10 out cause she was afraid that she might bought a lot of stuff. ended up she still uses her only 10bucks to buy a top.

after shopping, went up the new food court to rest our feet. talked a lot. then went to look for bras. kinda pissed off with the first lady who served me. does not mean that thin person can't have big boobs. roars! and the last lady too. both of them were so insulting lah. but at least there were 2 ladies were still quite friendly. mrted home with siowmin. there's one uncle who look so lao-ti-ko. kept looking at the both of us. scary~ reached home, do stuff etc. my baby is still at penisular with engteck them. wondering if he would like the shirt i bought for him. hmmmmmm~

4 more days to MY BIRTHDAY! ;D

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