Friday, November 30, 2007

OUT SHOPPING! out with siowmin my beloved sampat girl. met up with the girl so that i could take the thingy from her. it's a present for my baby as 1year anni. went to the food court for my first meal of the day. as usual, both of us talked a lot. bugis street was next. stuff in bugis street are the same, and we are getting bored already. siowmin bought a cardigan after walking round. while i bought a skirt. nearly spend finish the money i brought out. walked to Giordano, wanted to buy the raceback top. but S size was out of stock. siowmin and i was like 'M size too big!' so we decided to go other outlets.

mrted to simei, to repair siowmin's phone. after wating for nearly 45mins, the person say that the problem is not the phone, is the sim card. wasted our time waiting. met up with baby after he played finish his game in lan shop. siowmin went home first. passed baby his present and he love it! im sooo happy! haha. baby sent me home after buying the nice nice chicken rice. and and mama paid for the 2tops i wanted from the online shop! 46bucks for 2tops, kinda expensive but it's nice. it's feel great without having to pay. off watching television!

some cute bento for all of you to see. don't grab my pictures, i have a hard time finding it. =D


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