Monday, October 01, 2007

Had my N level geog paper today. did the hi-tech farming and tourism question. most of the people did MNC as they think that it's easier. but for me, i din study MNC so tourism is the only question i could do. as for map reading is not as hard as prelim, hope i could score some marks for map reading.

went out to the coffee shop to have our breakfast and had some gossip talks. called abrie to see if her house is available for me. so abrie house was the next stop i'm going to, i did not know that xavier was at home till i reach his house. his brother,vester, always ask me who are you everytime i go his house. i wonder he is pulling my leg or what, because he remember my name! oh well, his maid still remembers me. xaiver's house is still the best among all, it had all kind of junk food, maid doing everything, xiao xiao yi and xiao yi zhang was treat me sooo good lastly, they always welcome me. ahhhhh i love their house!

slept and xavier woke me up at 12.50pm. he bluff me and said it's 1.30pm already. i nearly shocked me to death. maybe when i was sleeping, xavier talk to me and i ask him to wake me up but i seriously can't remember anything. the maid cooked something for me to eat as xavier was asking her to toast his look-alike burger. when i asked the maid for towel to shower, xaiver said 'you bend down and i spray water on your hair can liao, no need towel to bath. i was like 'you?! cannot trust one, later make my uniform wet how' after having a nice cool shower, ate and bid goodbye to them. told xavier that i would be staying at house around the week during his bday. and baby's Os starting at that period too so going there stay can prevent me from thinking too much, letting baby focus on his studies but still i would miss my baby a lot a lot and a lot =(

i feel so spoilt in xavier's house as everything can be done by the maid etc etc. can't wait to stay there. hahahaha. saw ahem and ahem under the block. was kinda surprised when i saw them together. cabbed to school as i was too lazy to take bus. N level maths paper was still alright although there are questions i don't know how to do. nevermind, i gave up on maths already. baby called and accompany me all the way till i reach home. sweeeeeet uh. learned something ;D tomorrow is science paper and i am here blogging. off to mug already.

byeeeeee. wish me good luck people!

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