Thursday, August 02, 2007

today had first N level prelim paper which is ASS ASS(social studies) did not really know how to do the SBQ. SEQ still so so. don't think that i would be pass it. ended at 9.30am. then 4 of us walked to 201 to have our carrot cake. bus-ed to auntie helen next, to have mine, meifang and theresa hair cut. auntie helen still remember me!

quite satisfied with my hair. meifang's hair look much more thinner after cutting. theresa cut her long long fringe too. after the hair cut, all of us went home to have our rest. the bus trip from north park to home was long~ reached home at 12.35pm. had shower then played comp till my hair dries. went to have my beauty sleep after that.

baby came at around 4pm. cooked fried rice. tasted abit weird as i forgot to add salt and pepper =X then baby went home at 6pm cause his sister called. going to have my MT prelim paper tmr. && my stomach muscle and shoulder ache due to yesterday's push ups. roars

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