Sunday, August 12, 2007

ONCE AGAIN, my girlfriends made me laugh. even though its only for awhile but at least i laughed. thanks girlfriends for making me laugh, listening to me cry like someone die of because of me/whine/saying things that i don't mean it at all, accompanying me through out, talking some out of logic things to me. esp meifang, what she said made me not to send out that msg which would make me regret. AND of cause what they wrote on their personal msg made me laugh too. MU YAAAAAAAAAAA.

oh by the way, panadols does not have any cure to headaches, real bad headaches. i ate 5 of them but my head was still as pain as before. or maybe it made my head painless for about 5mins and the pain came back to me again. and my ear bleeds cause of my digging skils not good. =X lastly, A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO THE 3 OF YOU PIGS!

im sorry for all the wrongdoings and mistakes i did. you did it already, you made me feel how you felt. please stop torturing me. and im prepared for the worst.

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