Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm bacccccccccccck from marina square. baby woke up late today. so we have to postponed the time of watching the movie from 4.10pm to 5.20pm. watched rush hour 3 at suntec. the cinema was sooooo cold. even my dearest smelly baby was feeling very cold too. rush hour 3 was hilarious. like what meifang said, we don't even know the time pass so fast while watching the movie.

after watching. we went to Q for the donuts. Q-ed for around 20mins. the Q was not as long as what i expected. the double chocolate i wanted was out of stock. was so disappointed about it. help eugene bought his 1 dozen of donuts instead of 2 cause lots of donuts was out of stock. walked all the way back to marina square after buying those yummy donuts.

wanted to eat long john sliver but there were toooooo much people. even in KFC,bugerking, yoshinoya and others restaurants. we ended up in carvna to have our dinner. something happened. i felt very upset about that thing. i even cried when every other people was busy eating their food. baby did something on his plate of food which made me teared again.

while we were walking towards the MRT station. both of us saw there were lots of people outside starbucks. and decided to take a look of what is going on outside. heard people saying that there would be fireworks. so we started waiting for it. waited for around half hour for the fireworks. the fireworks was beautiful although some of it were being blocked by the buildings. the duration of it is longer than the fireworks during the national day. was happy that i do not need to wait till next year to watch fireworks with baby. cried while waiting for the fireworks to start. baby promised me something. heh heh

mrt-ed back to enous after the fireworks. eugene and lok was at enous already by the time both of us reached there. four of us took bus 60 back to my house bus stop there. then walked back to my house. eugene and lok waited for my baby to bring down the container to put the donuts in for lok. so i reached home. thats for all. byeeeeeee!

P.S: hope tmr i can go and baby won't break that promise of his.

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