Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HEEEEEEEEY! im here due to meifang's call for me to update my blog. first 2 periods of the day is PE. i thought that it would have some running to do but to my surprise, miss chin said that we are gonna take our height and weight. NO RUNNING! haha. i was shocked when my weight was the least of all. even hadainah is heavier than me. gonna eat more and more. meifang says the more i eat, the thinner i get. lol. my height is still the same, 158cm. i know i know i am short.

meifang grown taller, she became 161cm all because of the milk she drinks. so im going to drink more more more milk to make myself taller! theresa took her height twice. first time was 158cm but she complaint to miss chin saying that she is taller than me but same height as me so not fair. so she took her height again, this time is 159cm. just 1cm apart only, she also wanna take another time. she just wanna be taller than me! roars!

two periods before recess was phy. all mr goh did was keep giving us papers and lots of paper to do. and kept saying that "this is N level qsn etc etc" i think almost everyone in class could memorize what he going to say eveytime he came into our class already. meifang and i fall asleep due to the boredom in class which left theresa alone to do her stuff. recess was the same old food and thing.

ass ass was next. mdm natasha made all of us copied all the SBQ answers. i don't think it would be useful to us. maybe SEQ will be better. 3 free periods again cause mdm chang is still on MC. wonder what happen to her, she have not been to school for 2 weeks already. i don't want to lose my favourite teacher. everyone expect theresa and hawa slept through the 3periods. meifang and i cam whored for nearly 2 periods then went to our lala land. meifang and i sprained our neck due to the wrong position of our sleeping posture.

had our MT perlim results back during MT periods at AVT. thought that i would fail my chinese but i didn't. haha. at least i got a B3 for overall. 姜老师 says that i have a high chance of getting A2 but also a risk that i would drop to B4. so gonna work hard for it. i want my MT to be one of my 3 best subjects for my Ns. mr vinay did not come during maths period because of the english O level oral. 2 free periods again! what a free day today.

after school, went to the coffee shop near theresa's house to have our lunch. all of us ate western food. theresa's didi came after that, he was shy lahs. siowmin, meifang and me kept observing his looks which make him even more shy. hahas. he have a big head just like me. his eyes is way bigger than theresa's. and siowmin says that his eyelashes are long. finish eating, walked back to ahma house. slept till 6pm. think about lots lots of things. cried.

baby came, quite a lot of things happened. baby's words made me happy again although i did not smile but i'm really very happy. he accompany me home due to my request. but i did not force him to. 对不起臭臭, 害你被你姐骂了. sorry baby. reached home, bathed and ate my fried rice that my ahma cooked for me. it taste so yummy! even my baby says it smells nice. hahas. oh by the way, congrats to meifang for being the highest in class for MT. congrats to siowmin for being the highest in social studies. lastly, congrats to my baby for getting A1 for his MT O level

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