Sunday, August 05, 2007

had a one on one date with theresa neo jialing. went to airport to "study". bused there. walk around T1 to look for places to study then took the sky train to T2. settled at sakae sushi. instead of studying, the things that both of us did was talking and eating. we did that 2 things from 2pm plus till 5pm. we gossip more than we eat.

after leaving sakae, we mrted down to tampines mall. wanted to some window shopping that's all but there were SALES everywhere which got me so tempted. bought something for baby from a particular shop. walked around the shops. saw theresa's papa and mama. her papa say me guai. haha. went to fox due to theresa's suggestion. the shop was having 50% storewide discount. being a girl, two of us got tempted and went looking for clothes that were nice and suits us. both of us kept walking up and down the stairs. and spent nearly 45mins inside that shop. our hard work paid off cause each of us bought a top. haha

theresa wanted to buy that jacket that she have been eyeing on but too bad it does not have her size. regreted not going there earlier. went home after buying. din eat my dinner due to those shopping. i mean i don't even feel hungry when im on a shopping spree. shopping is the best! today theresa bought a water bottle, ripples slippers and a top. she spent more than me haha.

after reading lok's latest post, im a bit scared of publishing this post of mine. but still i publish it. so lok and everyone, i tried my best to post this as good as it can be. sorry if i don't post it well. =D

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