Thursday, August 09, 2007

the fireworks was just great! did not went to see fireworks with baby due to some quarreling that happened. it was such a waste that i could not watch it with him. but there will always be next year and i'm sure of it. siowmin, my girlfriend decided to accompany me to watch the beautiful fireworks although she had watched it twice.

met her at tampines inter. she was late. took mrt to cityhall. inside the mrt, we were being squeezed like some cotton wool. and those guys armpit was so omg. ate asian kitchen for dinner. those food made us so bloated. walk around to digest. shop around after eating, decided not to buy that roxy bag already cause it does not look nice to me anymore. i'm fickle minded i know i am. then we went out of marina square to the grassy grassy area. found a place just nice for the both of us to sit.

so we started waiting from 6pm like some kiasu people. but there were more people who were even more kiasu. they even bring pinic mat etc etc. i saw braden,sazli and asyraf from far. took quite a lot of photos. after watching the fireworks, it's worthed waiting 2hours & 10mins for it. the only thing i regretted is not watching it with baby. saw lots of couple together, it sort of spoiled my mood. but my sampat cheered me up and accompanied me thru out.

went window shopping after the fireworks. my feet was protesting due to the wawa shoes i wore. so i took off my shoes and walk around the shopping centre bare-footed. lots of people looking but who cares. walk back to city link to take mrt back home. on the way, one uncle said that taking the stairs up can go straight to the train so we went up. but we ended up at world war 2 memorial place. being a 路痴, both of us panicked.

after awhile, we decided to take a risk to follow the people. we walk walk walk to a bus stop stating beach road. sat there again. called baby and more asking for help. but seems like it's not much of a help. then we walked to raffles hotel, asked the uncle at work for directions. finally after nearly 1hour of walking, we reached cityhall mrt station. was surprised that the mrt does not have much people inside.

bid goodbye to sampat and went out of the train at enous mrt. took bus 60 home. my feet is gonna have blisters. PAIN PAIN PAIN! bye

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