Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Guys, do u realize that the girl who is holding onto u now is PERFECT in her own special way?

The way she laughs..
The way she sleeps..
The way she sulks..
The way she smiles..
The way she cries..
The way she thinks of you..
The way she tries to please you...
The way she sacrifices for you..
The way she wants to understand you..
The way she's loving you with all her heart!

Always remember that she can always get up and walk away,getting someone else who can loves her more.There might be someone out there who is willing to love her more than you are loving her now, fulfill her every needs and loves her as much as she loves you. Or maybe loves her more than she loves you but definitely loving her more than you do!For all you know, there might already be someone out there wooing her, be it from a distance or as a gentleman. But she is rejecting, because she believes in perfect love.

- For whom she will share her joys n tears together with.
- For whom she promise to be faithful to
- For whom she will commit herself into.
- To her, you're her perfect love!

Understand that.
Guys, you might be thinking that the love is fading. You can't find the freshness between the two of you. Everything is stale to you now. Everywhere seems the same to you.
You said "been there done that". So you went and look for another.

Imagine this. Behind her back, you're hugging and kissing another girl. When you see her today, you do the same, but you still see love in her eyes, while others are just some flings.

Do you feel the hurt? Can you feel the guilt? For you must know that every new thing brings an excitement to us. Only to be bored and sick of it after we're so used being together.

She might not be feeling the hurt now, because she doesn't know.She might be feeling something's not right, because she can sense it.But she's still holding on to you

- Not because she's stupid,
- Not because she's dumb
- Not because she's a fool.
but because
- She believes you will not break her full-hearted heart.
- She believes you will not let her tears flow.
- She believes you will keep your promises.
- She believes this is love!

She loves you not because you are handsame, sweet talker, or that you have 5cs. She loves you for who you are. Your every touch, every word you say, everything you do.

She was born imperfect. Everyone is! Only what she wants from you is almost perfect! And she knows she can't do it alone. It needs two hands to clap.

Guys, for her, being the upmost girlfriend is to endure your every moves, your every moodswings, your every words and actions. Even when dealing with the most unbearable pain, she will bear it for your sake but once she knows that the time is up, she will leave you with the most unforgettable painful memories you both had, from the sweetest to the very last moment she had to leave, because of your doings

Guys, cherish and appreciate your girl. Don't break her fragile heart. She is the only one who can loves you this way. You won't wanna regret letting go of that special girl you have. For everything she has done for you,the least you can do is to give her unconditional love as she has given to you because you should know, her love and sacrifice doesn't mean forever.

When she finally realise that you are not worth her love, she will leave you for the one who deserves her love.

Guys, don't ever leave the one you love, for the one you like because one day, the one you like will leave you, for the one they love.. is hard to find someone who loves you and you loves her. some people can't even find it in their whole life so cherish it!


There once was a very serene and beautiful city, lived in it, was a very loving couple. They would sit at the beach, watch the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. Every person that saw them envied them...
But, one day, the girl was involved in a fatal accident. She lied on the hospital bed for days, in a coma. In the day, the boy would accompany for the lifeless girl. At night, he would pray at the city church, longing for her recovery. His tears has dried.

A month passed, yet the girl was still lifeless. The boy grew haggard. Yet, he held on. God was finally touched by the devotion of the boy and would make an exception for the boy.
God asked, "Would you trade your life for hers?"
"Yes," came the reply, firm and sure.
"Good. I would let her wake up, but you would become a dragonfly for 3 years."

Day broke, and the boy morphed into a beautiful dragonfly. The dragonfly bade farewell to god and flew away. The girl soon awoke and even talked to the doctor, yet he could hear nothing.

The girl recovered well and was discharged in a few days, but she was not happy. She tried tracking the boy, but no one knew anything. She never stopped. The dragonfly was always around her, yet his words, too soft; his touch, too weak. He could only stood and watch.

Summer passed, autumn soon followed, the dragonfly has to leave the place. It was his last time on the girl's shoulder. He wanted to use his wings to stroke the girl's cheek and use his tiny mouth to kiss her forehead, but all was futile. She couldn't felt it.

Time passed, spring arrived. The dragonfly flew back in search for his lover. But beside her familiar silhouette, stood a masculine figure. In that instant, the dragonfly almost plunged from mid-air. People talked about how seriously ill the girl got after the accident; How kind the doctor(the masculine figure) was; How natural their love was; How happy the girl was as before.

The dragonfly sunk into melancholy. He would watch the doctor bring the girl to the beach, to watch the sunrise, and the sunset. Yet, he could only occasionally land on the girl's shoulder. Tears flowed down

The first summer was particularly long. The dragonfly was in deep sorrow and pain. He does not have the courage to approach the past lover. Their sweet nothings was suffocating him.

The 3rd summer arrived, the dragonfly no longer visited the girl as often as he would. Her shoulder was already sheltered by the doctor; her face kissed by the doctor, why would she notice a heart-broken dragonfly, let alone remember her past?
The 3 year agreement was coming to an end. On the last day, the doctor and the girl was stepping into the church, they were getting married. The dragonfly slipped into the church and sat on God's shoulder. He heard the vow: I do. He saw the doctor slipped the ring into her fingers. He saw them kiss affectionately. Sadness flowed down as tears.

God sighed," Have you regretted?"
"NO!" the dragonfly wiped his tears.
God lightened up, " Then, tomorrow you will morph back..."
"Let me be a dragonfly forever..."

Some fate are meant to be lost. Loving someone doesn't mean having him/her. But having him/her means loving her with all you have. Is there a dragonfly on your shoulder?

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