Sunday, May 27, 2007

FRIDAY 25/5/07

finish school at 10am. walk to 201 with 3 of my girls to eat breakfast wanted to eat the carrot cake there but the shop have closed when we reached there. so we decided to eat mee, bee hoon like that. the food there was expensive lah. meifang's food was $3.40 which has only bee hoon and 3 stuff inside. theresa bought that anything drink, all of us tasted it. it look like coke but it taste more than a coke. there's some coke with lemon, 7-up, rootbeer, etc etc and siowmin said there even some red wine in it haha. the drink is full of different taste.

after eating our expensive breakfast, we bused to TM for some window shopping. went to bullet fashion first, had an eye on one of the jumper there which cost $29. siowmin saw a shorts that she wants too. went to our usual toyarus(spelling mistake, Theresa please tag me and tell me how to spell that word =D) fool around inside there, played with hula-hoop. siowmin kept on trying on the hula-hoop as she seem like forgotten how play lols. meet baby at the place then went walking aroun in TM again. waited for davin that "cousin" of mine to come too.

he nearly dua me okay, was super duper angry lah. met davin and baitao at MRT there. both of them went to buy bubble tea where davin started to bully me. he din want to give me drink his bubble tea but end up he still give. he kept saying don't want to help me. bullying me non-stop lahhhh. that baitao look weird, never talk or whatever de. don't really like him. bused to baby's house. went into bi's house without davin. had davin waiting outside for us, while baby was inside finding his jeans.

maomao kept barking at davin which is outside the house. the way he bark very funny lah. and maomao has get used of me going to his house le haha. baby pass davin the clothes and davin had to change his clothes at the stairs there. he was like wth lah. having no choice, so he changed. he look cool in that set of clothes. then we set off to my school for my report book.

reached my school, Davin and i went in. miss tasneem nag nag nag the moment she came out from the staff room. the only thing that davin do is keep nodding his head and give that cool cool look. took my report book and went out of school, met baby. Davin went to lokhang's house, i showed him the way to lokhang's house. im so clever XD baby and me bused home, slept till 6plus then baby went back to his home sweet home.


woke up early in the morning to do those stuff for the renovating in my house. the people came at around 10plus. aunty doris came first, she changed her phone again. baby came my house at around 11 like that. i and him sort of ask mama whether i can stay at his house on mon and tue. din expect that mama will agree. seem like mama trust baby alot alot lols. so excited about it haha. slept at baby's lap from 1.30 till 3pm. and he went home at 3 because of his sis.

at times, i raelly don't like his sister. she is so over-protective. as if baby will do something illegal like that roars. i went to play computer, watch tv etc etc etc. can't go out due to the people doing the renovation lahhhhhs. so super duper uber really damn sian. the people went back at duno what time. watch tv again till 10. went to sleep cause was too tired. i had an big big octopus from baby. that octopus was so cute lah, head big big body small small. my sis say look like me XD i even went to count the numer of legs the octopus have. haha

you going to be mine for life<3

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