Saturday, March 10, 2007


a friday, last day of school. so i pon my in-focus, for my baby. >< after school went to meet her. and we returned to my home so i changed. and because of her face, we took taxi back to her home. actually she didn't want to go home, but because of her face.

the moment we reach bugis, we went for yoshinoya. hehheh. the counter person didn't allowed her to change her drink to grape. weird huh. ._.

then so she changed.. yep yep, after that we went to bugis!! she shopped for her bag. she bought it @ 28dollars. a white-with-a-bit-brown bag. the funny thing is: before we entered the shop, no people inside. after we went in, people start to come in. when we left, the shop was like sooooooo many people. -.-

after which, we went back to bugis junction. she wanted to buy stickers to paste on her phone. so we went in the the the... dunno-what-shop-which-sells-lame-stuffs. so we went in. and we went in. yep we went in. no doubt, we went in. =XX

she can actually stand there to choose TWO pieces of stickers, which add up to a total sum of less than TEN dollars, for around 45 mins. i was groaning. my back was breaking, so was my leg. dunno why she can choose a bag, more than twenty dollars, for less than 15 mins. but not for two pieces of stickers, of less than ten dollars. amazing...

suan le.. after buying the stickers, we headed home. then then i bought the ball ball. can eat one. we took the train back home. when we were around paya lebar, her mama called. she mistook paya lebar as enous. and happily walked out of the train. i tried to pull her, but i missed her bag. so i also "happily" walked out of the train. just before the train door is closing, she realised that she was @ paya lebar. so she rushed into the train. "happily". so i also got my butt in the train. " happily".

reached her house, we took the lift up. @ the forteenth floor, we walked along the corridor towards the staircase. got windows on the way. so we were walking walking walking, suddenly she shouted " ahhh wo de tou fa hen luan!!". so i rewind, and imitated her. =X which she thought was funny, untill today. -.-

@ her house slack slack.. her mama came home. i left home. =D

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