Wednesday, December 13, 2006


i met ongliying under her house @ 12++pm. we slacked a while. and that was the 1st abuse of the day. (: we slowly made our way to the bus stop. we took bus 60 to enous interchange. then we took the train to cityhall and changed train to dhoby ghaut.

on the way there, she kept abusing me. so i made up my mind to abuse her as much as i could. =x when we reached dhoby ghaut, we went to plaza sing. we watched "deck the halls." during the muvee, i abused her as much as i could. and she even asked for more. =X

"deck the halls" is quite a funny muvee i can say. during the muvee, i abused her. lol. she looked happy to let me abuse. =X there were 2 girls behind us and they were damn noisy lah. and WE think that we taught them some bu san bu si de dong xi. =x

i accidentally dropped her phone and i didn't realise it. >< we knew that i lost her phone when she asked me for the time @ the food court. i reached for her phone and it wasn't inside my pocket.

i rushed up to gv. the person there allowed me to go in to find the phone as the muvee had not started. i couldn't find the phone. after finishing our lunch, we went again. this time round, another guy went in to help me look for the phone. he found it. lol. i think i more sotong than ongliying lah.~~

so she punished me. and blogging is part of my punishment. ha. pathetic me. then we went shopping.

after that, she wanted to go to bugis, then changed her mind to TM, then wanted to walk home. -.- so we alighted @ paya lebar. out of a sudden, she said that she wants to go TM again. so we took bus 28. when we 1st went up, it was quite crowded. after a while, she went up to checked for available seats. and there were 2. (: during our trip there, we changed three times seats. lol.

when more and more people alighted, i started to abuse her again. buwaha. =X once, a boy was staring @ us. so she pushed me away. =/ when the girl beside him alighted, i knew that he won't look again, so i abused her all the way to interchange. buwaha.

i called donovan along, ongliying called theresa to join us. haha.~~

we went to toy r us. when ongliying hugged a dog around when the dog is bigger than her. lol.
not much more le bah. so we walked together to the mrt station but i didn't send her to interchange as donovan was kaopei-ing me. aiyah. ongliying very understand lah. (:

so i went to easpoint with donovan and friends. nothing much le. reached home @ 10.30.

P.S ongliying, is this long enough? lol. happy one week anni. ~~

is long enough lahs

P.S. i love joeyongweijian more than ytd but less than tmr~~

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