Saturday, December 16, 2006

TODAY friday 15 of dec

met my ongweijian under my hse de void deck
slack awhile,there alot of wind under my hse de void deck
make my hair so messy argh

went to lavender to make my darling boy's I.C
the moment i reach there i went to toilet
then after make hao his I.C went to find toilet again
keep going to toilet non stop =x

after that jiu go bugis makan yoshinoya
sort of share the food with ongweijian
i ate octopus balls, bacon and cheese de YUMMY (:

after makan-ing go walk walk there walk walk here
while walking ongweijian's brother msged him say
come bugis nvr say sumth like that

then i curious want to know how his bro look like
jiu walk walk and see see who is his bro and how shuai is his bro
his bro was working at the zinc shop

his brother look shuai, my ongweijian look cute
they look so different,1 cute 1 shuai, where got look the same
ongweijian say that his bro keep looking at me when he was talking him
i got that good to look at meh hahas

after some window shopping, we decide to watch movie
we watched the hoilday which is quite boring
ongweijian keep abusing me xDD

after the movie we went to eastpoint
on the way there in the mrt, i kept abusing ongweijian until his hand was red =x
he said he gonna abuse when he send me home the tym
but he din manage to luhs hahahas

eugene tay was fucking skinny lah cans omfg~
johnthan look abit like terence lols
hafiz look quite scary dun really like him :x
all of them keep drinking cold stuff in front of me ROAR~!

around 8.25 they went to play land
i stone all the way frm 8.25 to 9.45pm pro uh xD
was playing my hp and my boy's hp de game

after that jiu take bus 9 to 201
alot alot alot alot of people taking bus 9 lahs
i took eugene's wallet to tap and make messy his hair
i beat donovan's hand until is red too not as red as ongweijian's

eugene tay took bus 17 back to his home sweet home
waited for bus 8 for a long long time
bus 8 was not double deck luhs wakakakas

donovan sat on the end of the bus on the right side
both of us sat on the left side
ongweijian was trying to abuse me lahs and donovan was there
then i felt abit paiseh x)

then both of them send me home
they say my house very very de wulu wulu
oso not i want to stay here de mah

reach home at 11pm jiu bathe bla bla bla
my mama sis and 2 cousin just came back just before i reach home
2 cousin of mine is staying in my hse until monday

and monday im going out with my darling boy to J8
go there find sylviaMUMMY hahas
think is gonna be a long trip to J8 bahs

nothing le bahs

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