Sunday, December 17, 2006

random (:

if i were to dream,
if i were to wish,
if i were to ask,
if i were to seek,
if i were to need,
if i were to hold,
if i were to love,
if i were to die,
if i were to live,
if i were to laugh,
if i were to smile,
if i were to hug,
if i were to think,
i would dream of you,wish for you to be by my side,ask for your attention towards me,seek for you when you're lost,need you with me always,hold you tight and never let you go,love you till i die,die with no regrets because i have you,live for you because i breathe just for you,laugh because you make me smile,smile because i really appreciate you,hug because i want to feel the warmth within,think because you are the only thing that occupies my mind,just because of you, ongweijian,i find every reason to live. :DDDDDDDDD
ongweijian must be still sleeping with donovan and in don's hse now
donovan lim have own my ongweijian for 16hours and 01min
i misses him but i bet he din miss me =PPPPPPP
CAUSE he got his dota to play with and donovan crapping with him
he must be laughing alot and without me abusing him,he must be having fun {right ongweijian?}
and i bet he din even get to sleep until 6+am
im gulity luhs, can't pei him celebrate his birthday T.T
he say never mind but i think he minds alot luhs
sorrie my boy that i can't pei you and i shall compensate u on monday xD
now waiting for his msg or call,either one of them but call is still the best
waiting for him to wake up from his lala land
ongweijian! call me when u see this post of mine bleahhhhhh
P.S: i miss his smell, his hugs, his act cute looks and his everything

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