Tuesday, December 12, 2006

met ongweijian at around 1pm
went to bedok inter de giant kan kan
then ate lunch

after lunch took mrt to cityhall
ongweijian pei me until marina square he jiu went off le
din manage to drag him into marina square
he was shy luhs hahas

meet dao ah gu ah kim, they were at "bao qing tian" ordering food
i ate some of the dian xin too, was quite nice
did not watch movie as the movies now are not nice at all

ah kim bought a wallet i wanted frm wallet shop
and when we were walking to cityhall
ah kim bought a shirt which i fall love at sight

love my ah kim alots alots alots lahs

then jiu go meet mama at novena square
ate jap food for dinner
ah gu is blanja me de but blanja me = blanja everyone

after dinner jiu took bus 21 home
the guys de armpit is OMG~~
damn freaking freakingly smelly lahhhhhhhhh
just can't stand that smelly smell~

thats all le bah

P.S: ongweijian have been abusing me. HELP~! xDDDD

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