Monday, November 06, 2006

sat went to stay at my couzie hse
and my eyes damn freaking red and swollen narhs
other than this 2 things, others things i forget le =x

then then todae
woke up 8+ going 9am which is damn early narhs
went to bedok inter eat breakfast
then jiu go library sit sit and wait for aunty doris to come

then saw a baby which is aunty doris babysit de
the baby is a girl and she is sooooooooooo cute narhs
so chubby norhs and she not scared of strangers de leh

she lick my hand when i carried her -.-
and she damn heavy lahs
she only 5 months old most of it she damn cute narhs

meet dao them then jiu go church
fetch aunty doris de princess and prince lols
then jiu go aunty doris de hse sit sit awhile
then jiu take mrt go vivo city

when we were in the mrt
aunty doris told us alot of their past
their past damn freaking funny lahs
made me laugh so much

ah kim and aunty doris de husband keep arguring luhs
they 2 more like couple =xx
both of them like haben eat medic like tat lols

when we reach vivo city
walk haben even half hour jiu go liao
we sort of mi lu~~

we din noe whr is the mrt
and we walk round and round vivo
but we still manage get out of vivo city
tomorrow ima going there again to watch movie

tmr theresa's brother oso going too
cos if her brother din go, theresa can't go
and we are watching flushed away instead of covnent
sad lahs can't watch that

neber mind
i watch it with lee siowmin next tym
we 2 er ren shi jie hehes

after geting out of vivo city
went back hm then i slept awhile
after that jiu went to changi village eat dinner
the dinner sucks lahs

duno when did ongweijian become so good
he called me pei wo talk as tat tym i very sian
changi village nth de not nice 1

after that jiu send ah kim back hm
on the way back ah gu keep ka jiao-ing me narhs
keep copying me talk
ongweijian sae my ah gu bery funny hahas

after that jiu go home lerhs
then bla bla bla

aunty ivy who is mummy's fren which i dun really noe
gave me a birthdae cake and a necklace
papa, ah kim and ah ma give me hongbao

8 more mins to my big big day~~!!!

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