Tuesday, October 17, 2006


sort of quarrel wib my mother
she is so pian xin norhs wth

conference wib donovan and joeyongweijian
this tym donovan's voice sound nicer as he was using cordless phone
ytd den i noe that cordless phone can make a person voice sound nicer

donovan's voice change so much until i din even noe it was him talking
both him and ongweijian was laughing at me
when i keep asking who is the person other then me and ongweijian
they sae my stm jialat, everything oso jialat -.=

donovan and ongweijian keep arguing with each other
just becos of 1 tiny thingy,they can argue until bery kong bu
they even make fun of each other names

donovan become donoYAN or duck no yam
ongweijian become ong way jian or 王路健
ongwayjian changed my name frm 丽瑩 to 露营 -.=
but at least mine is better than him =P

donovan sae sumth which make me laugh until i cough -.-
he himself said that he duno how to steam, means that he is impotent LOL
then ongweijian keep di siao him which make me laugh even more

ongweijian di siao donovan until he regretted saying that
it was so funny lahs

in the middle of the night
ongweijian ate mantou and donovan ate maggi mee
they both keep saying their food are nice which make me hungry
but still i din eat hahahas

ongweijian hurt his toe and knee
his toe was step by a person until it's bleeds
toe kana step until bleeds,kong bu lehh
his knee was kana bang by the wall

he is so damn stubborn lahs
dun wan go put medic on his wounds
he should be cow instead of kangaroo =/

tok until 1.45am
i was forced to hang up the phone and go to sleep
by my mother ROAR!

todae went to sch to take back exam papers
combined science:43

during maths period
cindy, meifangLAOGONG,theresaNU'XU,mayAHMA was laughing at me
as i can't open theresa's water bottle

they sae me lousy and weak )):
cindy,theresa and may can open it when it's even close tightly
but i can't WTF

at around 9.15,first fire alarm went off,1 person broke it
then at around12.10,fire alarm went off again,3 person did it
the last fire alarm went off at 1.10pm,2 person did it
there are another 2 tym which fire alarm went off but i din noe wad tym

5 tym in a day, 6 tyms in a month
pro sehh xD
they are going to turn the sch upside down before sch ends
and that's good =x

at 1.30pm after sch all the b0ys frm sec 1 to 3 hab to stay back
mr EE tok to them abt the fire alarm thingy
but us girls can go hm,cos girls dun hab the strength to break the fire alarm
being a girl is oso good ehh xD

after sch we took bus 8 to maple clinic to buy meifang de medic
when we came down frm the bus
meifang found out that she left her wallet in the bus

and we can't see the plate num as it was too far
her wallet have $60+ damn cham lahs
she told her mum and sis abt it le

meifang call the person in charge of bus 8
the person says that will find but duno really will find anot
after buying the medic,we went to eat as i was hungry

finish eating
we took bus 8 again to theresa's mum's fren salon
cos i want to cut my hair

after cutting my hair
they went home and so do i
reach hm jiu bath and bath finish jiu sleep

woke up at 7.35pm
and here im now playing the comp and blogging
i took 1hr+ to type all this and is darn long

off to watch teebee lerhs

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