Thursday, September 28, 2006

on 9.11pm on 27 sep 2006
ima blogingg =D

nth much happen in sch
mdm natasha din come to schh
mayb is becos of the surgery bahs
then must rest at home

chem period
we chinese ger were damn noisy
even mr deo yeo was kinda angry wib us
cnt help it larhs cos we are gers ^^

pon 2nd period of maths
i dun listen to mr vinay's teaching
might as well go pei siowminNU'ER =P

DJ was in 305 too
but she worse than mie
she in 305 fer the 2 whole maths period lols

cindy patch wib her stead lerhs
wish u 2 last long long ohs

after sch went to jayZHUTOU's hse
in his hse,he dun let mie do tish do that
but i still manage to do this do that xD

scared i clumsy make his thingy spoilt -.=
he scared until dun wan go bath lols
in the end he got bath
or else smelly smelly go tution with yiqinK0R

i went to in to jayZHUTOU's room
he push me out of his room, i went in again
he push mie out again
this goes on for quite a time

i ate 2 bars of kit kiat YUMMY
so damn long tym neberr eat lerhs
darn nice larhs lols

when jay was bathing the tym
no one pei wo tok so sian
sian dao i nearly sleep on the sofa -.-
i was like so sleepy norhs

after jay came out of the toilet
i told him i want to sleep
and went into his room and sort of sleep

can't really sleep
just lying on his bedd trying to slp
but in the end can't )):

he sum0re sae i can only slp fer 15mins
anyway i oso din really sleep
so neber mind

jay di siao mie,i screamed
then he dunch let me scream
but i still scream abit

in the end neber scream liao cos scared of him
he so kong bu cans
he still take my hp and call alot alot of people
end up the ppl ask me y i call them -.-

he hab damn alot of strength
make me make daooooo
i surrender zzzz

duno at what time
got some1 knock on the window and the door
both of us sort of get shocked
i tot his mama or whoever came back

but is not
i think is his fren or whatever
mayb his fren noe other than him
still got 1 m0re person

cos i was screaming quite loud
mayb his fren could hab heard it
i duno his fren so heck care

at 3.10 out of his hse
he went to meet yiqinK0R for tution
i went home

i took taxi home
as i was lazy to take bus
still nid to wait for the bus
and sit inside the bus for duno how long

at home
play com awhile jiu go sleep lerhs
damn tired after jay di siao me all that
now go watch my show lerhs


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